15 reasons to live in Moraira
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15 reasons to live in Moraira

15 reasons to live in Moraira
21 Nov 2021

Those who want to live in the Costa Blanca north can choose from many attractive villages and towns. Moraira is one of them. From way back a small fishing village. Grown into a pleasant town that many people love. As a holiday destination, to hibernate or to live the whole year through. 


Mediterranean climate

It has been written and said many times. And we can't ignore it either. The lovely weather in Moraira. Known as one of the healthiest microclimates in the world. Long, warm summers with mild winters. Hardly any chance of snow or temperatures below zero. Moraira has more than 300 sunny days per year. 

International Community 

Moraira on the Costa Blanca is not only loved by Dutch and Belgians. Many nationalities have discovered this lovely place. You will find, among others, French, English, Germans and Scandinavians. Of course, there are Spaniards too, but they often choose to live in Teulada, for example. With so many foreigners, many facilities are available in various languages. 


Moraira is popular and is one of the most attractive places on the coast in the Costa Blanca north. Not spoiled by mass tourism. No large hotel chains, mega shops or high-rise buildings like in the beach resort Calpe. The cosy marina is for fishing boats and pleasure yachts. No round trips, jet skis or banana rides here. 

Very good facilities

Despite the small-scale character of Moraira, you can find everything you need here. International clinics, good supermarkets and public and international schools. Many restaurants in various price categories. Ample parking, taxis and a marina. International hairdressers, a variety of shops and fitness centres.

No ghost town in the winter

This is an important detail for those who want to spend the winter or who live in Moraira all year round. Some Mediterranean towns are deserted in winter. Wooden boards carpentered on abandoned houses and closed restaurants. This gives a "grim" impression. Of course, Moraira is a lot quieter than in summer. But it is not dead. Shops and restaurants are open. You can still sit on a terrace. And there are people in the streets. A somewhat older crowd than in the warm months because many of the winter visitors have retired. 

Commerce: shops, restaurants and that nice market

There are about 20 streets in Moraira with shops, estate agents and restaurants. You find gift shops, clothes shops (many with Boho clothing), shoe shops, jewellers etc. 

The range of restaurants in and around Moraira is huge. There is a restaurant for everyone's wallet. Almost all types of "cuisines" are present. The quality of the food and the entourage has improved in recent years.

Friday morning is the weekly market on the large car park in the centre. A large market that many people go to. Here you will find everything. Fresh fruit and vegetables, souvenirs, bags, clothes, flowers etc. 

Buy a bag of churros, the typical sweet Spanish treat. In the high season it is very busy here. It is best to come as early as possible.


Moraira has several beaches. The large Ampolla sandy beach in the centre is very popular with tourists. Crowded in the months of July and August. The bay of Portet is a picturesque bay flanked by mountains with luxury villas. In good weather, the pleasure boats anchor here. Various terraces, white houses and the azure sea make this a great Instagram photo spot.

Quality crowd

The friendly atmosphere of Moraira is different from Benidorm or Calpe. Most tourists stay in luxury villas and that makes for a different crowd. No groups of drunken youths or bachelor parties. Yet it is also not the Valhalla of the rich with expensive cars and mega yachts. Moraira is civilised and relaxed.

Houses in every budget

As mentioned before, you will not find high tower blocks in Moraira (except for the 2 iconic flats near El Portet). In the centre you will find apartment complexes of 3 or 4 floors. On the surrounding hills you will find the luxury villas and bungalow parks. In the past, the houses often had a round accent. Nowadays, the trend is to build sleek and minimalistic. Houses range from 150,000 euros to well over a million. The team of Orange Villas is ready to help you in your search for the right property.

Always something to do Traditional fiestas - activities

The most famous traditional fiesta is the so-called "Moros y Christianos". A commemoration of the victory of the Christians over the Moors. Parades, "battles on the beach", traditional dress and fireworks. A colourful spectacle in June.

A few weeks later, in July, the fiesta Mare de Deu dels Desemparats, the patron saint of Moraira. This is another special festival to attend. With a holy procession, boat parade on the sea and a huge fireworks show at the castle.

In August, Teulada hosts the Moscatell festival. Moscatell is the sweet wine made from the grapes grown in the region). 

Besides these traditional fiestas there are other activities. Like the culinary event or the special late night shopping evenings.


Moraira is quiet and relaxed. Here you feel safe on the streets. Aggressiveness is rare. No rioters, squabblers and brawls. An incident can happen, but in general this is a region with a low crime rate. 

Good investment

Moraira's popularity continues to grow and so does the demand for houses. Real estate here keeps its value or increases. And generally speaking, investing in stone is a good option. Especially now that your money is worth nothing at banks.

Location and Access

The location of Moraira is favourable. Not only for the climate. The airports of Valencia and Alicante are about an hour's drive away. In less than 20 minutes you reach the autopista (highway). From here you are in 10 minutes in the shopping centre of Ondara.

Flat centre

The centre of Moraira is fairly flat. So, it is also a good place to be for the elderly and people with reduced mobility.

Beautiful nature in the hinterland

Who wants to escape the urban feeling does not have to drive far. The hinterland of Moraira has a beautiful nature with mountains and magnificent views. The region of Jalon is already so different with the vineyards or the blossom trees in spring. A drive over the Coll de Rates or a trip to Guadalest. It is all possible. The hinterland offers many possibilities for walkers and cyclists. 

MORAIRA HAS IT! That much is clear. Click here to read more about this lovely village that is often called the pearl of the costa blanca. Are you looking for a property in this beautiful area, do not hesitate and step into our office.



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