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Villas for sale in Moraira


Villas for sale in Moraira

The best villas for sale in Moraira can be found on the Orange Villas real estate website. So if you are looking for the best villa for sale in Moraira, you are in luck: you have arrived at the right place.

Why Orange Villas has the best villas for sale in Moraira?

Orange Villas has the best villas for sale in Moraira because it has been working in this area for over 20 years, its real estate agents have a great experience and the real estate has an excellent reputation. All this makes Orange Villas grow bigger every day. Orange Villas has become the leading real estate agent in Moraira.

Orange Villas only accepts the best villas for sale, so quality is guaranteed when you buy a villa in Orange Villas.

Currently, Orange Villas has almost 600 properties in the area of the Costa Blanca in Spain. More than 150 of its properties are located in the Moraira area.

If you are looking for a villa for sale in Moraira, Orange Villas can offer you 125 villas to choose from. As you can see, our real estate is the best option.

We have villas for sale in Moraira with pool, sea view, mountain views, garden with several floors in height, luxury villas, modern style villas and traditional style villas ... We have everything you need for you to have the best Mediterranean experience on the Costa Blanca.

Areas with villas for sale in Moraira

Where in Moraira (Alicante) would you like to live? In Orange Villas we have a great variety of villas for sale in Moraira in different areas, such as Pla del Mar, Pinar de l'Advocat, El Portet, La Cometa, La Sabatera, Arnella, Benimeit, Cap Blanc, Alcazar , View of the Valley, center of Moraira, Solpark, Coma de los Frailes, Fanadix, Paichi, Valley View, Camarrocha, Villotel, Tabaira, Estret, San Jaime, Verde Pino, Moravit ...

Would you like to buy a villa in another area of Moraira? Ask us! We will get the villa for sale in Moraira that you want.

Orange Villas, your real estate agent in Moraira

The real estate agency Orange Villas is located in Moraira and specializes in the sale of villas in Moraira. Come visit us at our offices located on the road from Moraira to Calpe, in Moraira (Alicante). We will show you the best villas on the Costa Blanca in Spain. You will not regret!

Villas for sale in Moraira

If you are looking for an investment opportunity in a Mediterranean paradise, look no further than our villas for sale in Moraira. This charming corner on the Costa Blanca, located in the province of Alicante, Spain, is a destination that perfectly combines natural beauty, luxury and tranquility. With its mix of pristine beaches, cobblestone streets steeped in history, and a vibrant food scene,Moraira has earned a special place in the hearts of lovers of the Mediterranean for:

  • Dream Beaches: Moraira's beaches are a magnet for those looking to relax in an idyllic setting. Playa de El Portet and Playa de L'Ampolla are two of the most popular, with golden sands and calm waters that invite you to swim and dive.

  • Leisure port, sports port:The Port of Moraira is a lively place where visitors can enjoy watching the boats while savoring delicious food in the nearby restaurants and bars. It is also a starting point for boat trips and water activities.

  • Mediterranean gastronomy: Moraira is known for its excellent gastronomic offer. Its restaurants offer a wide variety of Mediterranean dishes, especially fresh fish and shellfish. The central square has numerous terraces to enjoy outdoor dining.

  • Holidays and traditions: The festive atmosphere is an integral part of Moraira. Local celebrations, such as the Moors and Christians fiestas, fill the streets with color and joy, offering visitors a unique insight into the culture and history of the region.

  • Hiking and Nature: Nature lovers will find their paradise in the surroundings of Moraira. Hiking routes such as the Camino del Litoral allow you to explore the natural beauty of the coast and its impressive cliffs.

  • Quiet Nightlife: Although not known for its bustling nightlife, Moraira offers a selection of cozy bars and pubs where visitors can relax and enjoy cocktails under the starry sky.

Whether you are looking for a real estate investment, a second residence or your new home, Moraira offers an unparalleled environment in which to live and enjoy the best that the Costa Blanca has to offer.

Villas for sale in Moraira: Excellence on the Costa Blanca

Discover the height of luxury and sophistication in the charming villas for sale in Moraira, a privileged enclave on the Costa Blanca. Why are our villas the most valued in this beautiful town? Here we present the reasons that highlight its exclusivity and attractiveness:

  • Luxury Amenities: Our villas are not just living spaces, but luxurious havens. Private pools, lush gardens, expansive terraces and outdoor entertaining areas elevate the lifestyle and offer a space to relax and enjoy.

  • Privacy and Tranquility: Each villa is designed to provide privacy for its residents. Whether you're looking for a quiet getaway or an intimate gathering space, our villas offer an oasis of serenity amidst vibrant surroundings.

  • Investment Potential: The exclusivity and quality of our villas not only guarantee a spectacular home, but also a solid investment. The constant demand for properties on the Costa Blanca ensures long-term appreciation.

  • Life Experience: Living in one of our villas in Moraira is not just about the property itself, but the life experience it provides. Style, comfort and sophistication combine to give you an extraordinary everyday life.

Orange Villas: Your Best Ally to Buy Villas for sale in Moraira

When it comes to buying villas for sale in Moraira, the best option is to let Orange Villas help you. With years of experience in the real estate market on the Costa Blanca and a deep knowledge of the region, Orange Villas stands as your trusted partner in the search and purchase of the perfect property in this Mediterranean paradise. Its commitment to excellence in service and its personalized approach make Orange Villas the most solid option to make your dreams of owning a villa in Moraira come true.

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  • Email: info@orangevillas.com

  • Address: Ctra. Moraira - Calpe, 19 bajo, 03724 Moraira (Alicante)