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All you need to know about Christmas and Three Kings in Spain

All you need to know about Christmas and Three Kings in Spain
8 Dec 2021

The countdown to Christmas 2021 has started. Each country has its own Christmas traditions. What about Spain?

Christmas in Spanish

In proper “castellano” Christmas is Navidad. In the Comunidad Valencia they often say “Nadal”.

Santa Claus

There has never been a “Papa Noel” (= Santa Claus) in Spain. But in the past years this phenomenon gets more popular. Shopping malls now have a corner with a Santa Claus. But it is not common that Spanish families give each other gifts for Christmas. In Spain the Three Kings bring the gifts on the 6th of January. After their arrival (in Moraira at the beach) they join the parade and throw sweets at the kids. Ending in the church.

“El Gordo”

This “fat one” is the famous Christmas lottery in Spain. Most Spaniards participate. Often with a tenth of a lottery ticket. A big event on Spanish television. School children in typical uniforms sing the jackpot and the other winning numbers.


An inheritance of the Spanish Catholic background. Townhalls, cultural places and shops exhibit the scene of the birth of Jesus. This can be very low scale like with Maria, Joseph and Jesus. But a lot of times these are huge sceneries.

Christmas Food

The main Christmas dinner is on the 24th of December. It is all about family and friends. Popular dishes are Serrano ham, sea food and fish (King Prawns). For dessert it is often “turron”. This is a sweet delicatesse made from almonds. The “Roscón de Reyes” is the cake to eat with Three Kings. A cake filled with whipped cream and decorated with candied fruits. Inside a bean and a toy figure. If you get the toy figure your reward is a crown. But if you get the bean, you must pay the roscón in the following year.

Fool´s Day in December

A day between Christmas and Three Kings. Each year on 28th December, you better watch out. Especially with some Spanish friends around you. This is the Spanish Fool´s day. You might get pranked when you are among some Spanish.

Midnight mass

Spain is a Catholic country. Most of the Spanish people go to church after their Christmas dinner. The “misa the gallo” is at 00.00 hrs. In this midnight mass the Spanish praise the birth of Jesus and reaffirm their faith.


It is 31 December and nearly 00.00 hrs. What do Spanish do? Apart from preparing the cava they also prepare their “lucky grapes”. With every chime of the clock, one eats a grape. If you eat all twelve in time, you are happy. A year of prosperity awaits you. If you don't succeed.... drink another bottle of Cava. Bad luck is coming.

Of course, there are more traditions. Each region has its own. But bottom-line for everybody is to celebrate Christmas among family and friends. To feel blessed.

The team of Orange Villas wishes everybody the best Christmas ever.



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