Why live in Benissa?
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9 Reasons to live in Benissa

reasons to live in Benissa
10 Apr 2022

In November 2021 we already posted a Blog with 15 reasons to live in Moraira. Moraira is not the only attractive place in the Costa Blanca North. There are several reasons to choose a property in Benissa. Benissa is vast. It is possible to live on the coast, in the campo (rural area) or in the historic village itself.


Mediterranean climate

What applies to Moraira applies to Benissa: its wonderful weather. The climate in Benissa is constant (with a few exceptions). In the summer, the temperature rises to an average of 30 degrees. In the winter months the mercury does not generally drop below an average of 13 degrees. In summer, the Mediterranean Sea is nice and warm and very suitable for swimming.

Melting pot of nationalities

In Benissa village you will find most of the Spanish-speaking inhabitants. Interspersed with a considerable number of foreigners from various northern European countries. On the Benissa coast, we find foreign homeowners. Like Moraira, Benissa coast is popular with the Dutch and Belgians. As well as French, English and Germans. Because of this, many facilities are available in various languages.

Coastline with beautiful Calas and nice sandy beaches

Many will drive the winding coastal road from Moraira to Calpe. Turn off to one of the Calas that Benissa is rich. 

Cala Baladrar 

A small pebble beach where you can swim or snorkel in the clean turquoise water. The popular Chiringuito Olalá is open in season. A nice place with beautiful views. Parking in high season is not easy, but along the coastal road is usually a place to find.

Cala La Llobella 

The most unspoilt of all. Quiet, no facilities. Ideal for underwater sports. Pebbles, clear water and pine trees almost reaching the sea.

Cala Els Pinets

Small, very beautiful cove in Benissa. From the car park there are stairs to the beach. Sand and rocks surrounded by pine trees. Very sunny and with fantastic views of the Peñon d'Ifach. In July and August, the sandy beach fills up quickly, but there are still rocky plateaus to lie on. To the left of the sandy beach is La Mar Morta. natural pool formed by dark copper-coloured rocks that hold back the waves. As a result, it is calm and shallow. So very suitable for children. Tip: bring water shoes as the rocks can be slippery.

Cala Les Bassetes

This cove consists of a narrow strip of sand and a breakwater. The water is crystal clear and it is so an excellent place to snorkel. You often see posidonia (sea grass) here. There are 2 restaurants: Bassetes Coral Beach and Oceana Club. The large terrace is next to the sea and has a greatview of the Peñon. There is a small marina. You can do several water sports and there is a diving school.

Cala Advocat

A small beach with a breakwater on one side and "El Cantalar" on the other, a cliff where the Ecopath runs over. If you are looking for sun, it is best to go in the morning. Later in the day there is shade from the cliff. There is a car park and a small beach bar.

La Fustera

This is the most important sand beach in Benissa. It is a lot larger than the bays mentioned above. There is a good car park, a nice beach bar "Mandala" and opportunities for water sports. 

The location

The coastal area is between Moraira and Calpe. Both places are 10 minutes by car. Benissa village is 5 minutes from the AP7. This means that you can reach the shopping centre in Ondara in 10 minutes.

No high-rise buildings

You won't find any tower blocks in Benissa. On the coast, you will find luxury villas and, in the village, apartment buildings of 4 or 5 floors.

Shops and market

Along the coastal road there are several shops and supermarkets. In the centre of the village there are many small shops with a village character. 

The market takes place every Saturday morning in the streets of the historic centre. A pleasant bustle. A large offer of fresh vegetables and fruit. How nice it is to stroll through the market and then to plop down on a terrace by the imposing church.


There are many restaurants in Benissa, both on the coast and in the village. From kebab, paella, and tapas to chic restaurants, even with a Michelin star.

Always something to do

Benissians love to party. In the summer months, there is something to do in the centre almost every week. But they go wild at the annual village fiestas.

Fira i Porrat de Sant Antoni

The festivities start in the second week of January with various activities. Like a medieval market, a "bonfire" and the blessing of animals. There is a fair until the end of January.

Purisima Xiqueta

This festival takes place the last week of April. Dedicated to the Purisima Xiqueta who has been the patron saint of the village since 1864. With a procession of the statue and the election of the Queen of Fiestas. Bullfights, mega paellas, fireworks, concerts and parades in traditional costumes. 

Moros y Cristianos

Celebrated on the weekend closest to 29 June. A true spectacle: colourful with beautiful costumes, music and parades. The expulsion of the Moors by the Christians is commemorated with this fiesta.

History in Benissa village

Benissa has an old centre that is attractive and interesting. There is a walking route along the various medieval buildings.




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