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Luxury villas for sale in Moraira Spain


Luxury villas for sale in Moraira Spain

If you visit our website you will find an interesting selection of luxury villas for sale in Moraira Spain. You will surely discover the house where you will spend unforgettable moments with your family ...

The Moraira coastline is one of the most beautiful on the Costa Blanca. Throughout its eight kilometers we find a varied coast where very touristy beaches endowed with the Blue Flag and which have an important infrastructure of services with magical coves that will captivate you with their crystalline and shallow waters. You will love to dive into its small coves ideal for diving and discover its seabed full of posidonia and its banks of silver minnows. You will find different ways to have fun on the beach while enjoying the bright and cheerful sun. Imagine yourself on a water skate, sailing the coastline on a jet ski or sailing on your yacht. Moraira has a prestigious Nautical Club that will allow you to hire the mooring of your boat or practice sailing, canoeing, windsurfing, etc.

There is also time for cultural leisure if you live in Moraira. You will be tremendously impressed when you visit the spectacular Teulada Auditorium , located on a mound that dominates the entire valley. It offers you a varied annual program suitable for all audiences.

Discover your private paradise on the Costa Blanca by visiting our luxury villas for sale in Moraira Spain

If you visit the luxury villas for sale in Moraira Spain that ORANGE VILLAS offers you, you will find the right one to create your own paradise. On our website we have a varied selection of newly built and resale luxury villas in Moraira . You will be amazed by its impressive buildings with panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. They are located in the places most demanded by our clients such as Cap Blanc, El Portet, Pla del Mar, Benimeit, La Sabatera, Fanadix, La Cometa, Camarrocha, Paichi, ... Our villas are surrounded by lush Mediterranean pine forests that give off a pleasant aroma .

We offer you all kinds of designs so you can choose the one that best suits your tastes. Our modern design villas have large areas of their glass facades that allow you to enjoy the beautiful views of the sea from anywhere in your home. We also have traditional style chalets , very typical of the Costa Blanca of Spain. You will be captivated by its artistic lattices on the windows and its porches with wide arches that mitigate the heat of the summer afternoons.

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Luxury villas for sale in Moraira Spain

Do you want more information about our Luxury villas for sale in Moraira Spain? Moraira is a charming coastal town in the province of Alicante, known for its tranquility and natural beauty. This place is ideal for those looking to live in the area, especially for foreigners who wish to enjoy the exceptional quality of life that Moraira offers.

Moraira is an important international tourist center, known for its magnificent beaches and marinas. In addition, it offers a spectacular leisure offering, from live music and flamenco venues, to a library and exhibition hall. For gastronomy lovers, Moraira is a place to delight in its exquisite rice dishes cooked with top quality products from the nearby garden and with the fish that arrive daily at the port.

In addition, Moraira has a Teulada Auditorium , just six kilometers away, which offers a varied and extensive annual program . During the patron saint festivities in July, traditional "Bous al Carrer " and the "Comparsas de Moros y Cristianos" are celebrated , with an infinite number of recreational events, festivals, parades, parades, fireworks and floats. And many more options to have fun!

Enjoy high-end qualities in our Luxury villas for sale in Moraira Spain

Do you want to find one of our Luxury villas for sale in Moraira Spain? Each of these luxury properties in Moraira reflects an exceptional standard of design and construction . The interiors are adorned with the highest quality materials, from marble floors to finely crafted wood details. Meticulous attention to detail is reflected in every corner, creating an atmosphere of sophistication and opulence.

spaces are designed for comfort and functionality, offering spacious living areas, fully equipped gourmet kitchens and master suites that rival luxury resorts. Large windows allow natural light to flood the spaces, creating a feeling of luminosity and connection with the surrounding environment.

But the luxury doesn't stop inside. Luxury homes in Moraira also offer extensive outdoor areas that become a haven of serenity and recreation. Stunning sea views, private pools and lush landscaped gardens complete the setting for exclusive living on the Costa Blanca .

Located in select enclaves of Moraira, these properties offer not only the promise of luxurious living, but also the convenience of being close to golden beaches, gourmet restaurants and a host of high-end services . Investing in a luxury home in Moraira is more than acquiring a property; It is an entry into a distinguished lifestyle.

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Finds Luxury villas for sale in Moraira Spain! At Orange Villas we are a leading real estate agency on the Costa Blanca, with more than 20 years of experience in the real estate sector and new construction. Our team of professional real estate agents, qualified and accredited by our official appraiser, are ready to help you find your ideal home on the wonderful Costa Blanca.

Our professional team of real estate agents is multilingual, meaning that all documentation and contracts are translated and delivered in the client's language. This is especially useful for foreign residents looking to live in the area.

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